Get You a Marketing Strategist That Can Do Both!

Jills of All Trade are overrated. My specialties are simple: content creation and digital marketing implementation. Content is nothing if you can't amplify the message to the right audience. You need someone who has grown communities and customers with both, proven and innovative strategies.

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About Briana

Briana is a Digital Marketing Strategist with a shenanigans-free approach to organic audience growth.

I only work with companies on a mission…

Every company I work with and for are purpose-driven and mission based. I don't ever have to be in the spotlight, but I have to be behind something that's trying to make a positive change one way or another.
You don't have to be a nonprofit, although working with them is always rewarding in my book. But my hope is that your organization always has the customer or client in mind. And people-centric businesses will always be my jam.