“I just know about sweat and frustration. And that what I once thought was impossible somehow doesn’t always stay that way permanently. One day it’s suddenly easy and accessible, and mostly because I’ve stopped struggling against it. I’ve just accepted where I am, keep showing up, and then the change just happens.” – Downward Dog by Edward Vilga


Daily Practice

Daily practice, daily practice, daily practice. Seems to be a recurring theme in the past few books I’ve read. All the authors have had different ones and offer different suggestions. Reading, writing, yoga, meditation, gratitude, the list can go on and on. I believe in coincidences but I believe they’re more than just “oh by the way, these things are totally unrelated”. I think coincidences are those big inflatable pop-locking things that try to get you to buy a used car or overpriced furniture. Coincidences are signs that grab your attention, and you better take heed.

So I need a daily practice. Every morning in the shower, I pray. It’s mostly a one-sided conversation with God but it’s not completely self absorbed. I thank Him for waking me up and giving me another opportunity to fulfill my purpose– whatever that may be– and ask for a few gifts:

  • patience
  • joy
  • peace
  • clarity
  • strength
  • healing
  • love

Amongst other things. So in a sense, that’s my daily practice. But I know I need more. Not to impress anybody with “hey look at all the things I do everyday. I’m so centered.” Because that ain’t it. I need it for myself.

I like to call myself a writer because I enjoy writing. I think I’ve always enjoyed writing, even in school. I hate rough drafts though. Something about going back over your writing takes some of the authenticity out of it. So admittedly, I rarely did/do it in school. I never did/do it in blogging. I don’t think it’s an arrogant thing. I acknowledge that I make mistakes in grammar and spelling (although they’re rare). It’s just, how am I going to take out a thought I had the balls to write on paper type out? The audacity! Ask forgiveness, not permission.

I’ve written about all sorts of stuff. I started blogging at 9 on Expage then moved on to Angelfire, Homestead, and Xanga through my teeny-bopper years. What does a girl have to say at that age? A whole lot of nothing honestly, but damnit, I thought it was important. I wrote poems. I could BS an essay in a heartbeat. In more recent years, I’ve blogged about social media and technology, health, and my engagement/marriage was pretty much an open book too.

The thing is, I’ve never made writing a daily practice, and I really think I should. Not for any particular reason except 1) I feel I need a daily practice, and 2) It’s therapeutic. I’m not the type of person who loves to hear myself talk, but I do love to hear myself type. I like to see my handwriting too, but I keep hand cramps with the passion.

But wait, there’s more! I wanna do more things on a regular basis. I enjoy meditating, when I convince myself I have the time and it makes me feel good. That daily can do wonders. Let’s add that to the list. Exercise of some sort as well. My goal is walking/running and yoga. So bam gotta do one of those each day. Yeah, I like that.

If I recall, James A. had a pretty lengthy list in Choose Yourself of his daily practices. It’s only right that I jack a few, including a bed time and rise time (gotta do better about that). I also like one of the questions that Rachel Neumann brought up in Not Quite Nirvana: are you available? I hate being stressed out and overwhelmed. So now when I ask myself if I’m available and the answer is no, I don’t feel guilty. Self preservation is important.

So I’ll rant, I’ll rave, I’ll question and I’ll ponder. Not necessarily for you, although I’d love feedback. But for me because it’s cheaper than my $15 copay to see my therapist every 2 weeks (although I do miss her). A daily practice. I feel better already just establishing one.


“Walking the stacks in a library, dragging your fingers across the spines — it’s hard not to feel the presence of sleeping spirits.” – Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, by Robin Sloan


What Class Should All Schools Have But Don’t?

The Facebook page for Waiting for “Superman” posed a question:

I think that schools should have a class on personal finance. In 9th grade, I took a Life Skills class for one semester, and the only money related lesson I learned was how to balance a checkbook. I don’t even use a checkbook; there’s an app for that.

But, many people don’t learn about personal finance until they make a costly mistake. That includes ruining their credit, defaulting on loans, and not saving enough money for an emergency.

Personal finance and financial literacy should be mandatory in schools to keep students from making these avoidable mistakes when they become adults. We need to know how to create a budget, how to calculate interest, and we definitely need information on making wise investment decisions.

There were some great answers from others on the post like ethics, anti-bullying, and even Defense Against the Dark Arts haha. What class do you think all schools should have?